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Friday, May 12, 2006

Gifts From Your Kitchen - Pretzels In A Glass

Gifts From Your Kitchen

Pretzels In A Glass

Find a tall glass, such as a parfait glass, or one of those neat
glasses mixed drinks are served in.

Pour some holiday candies, such as M&Ms or hard mints, in the bottom
of the glass. Put as many pretzels as you can in the glass sitting on
the candies, but leave a little room for them to move around, so they
don't break when they are pulled out.

Cover the top of the glass with a piece of colored plastic wrap, or
you can cut a piece of holiday fabric, and double the width of the
top with pinking shears to cover.

Tie a pretty ribbon around the glass to secure, and you have a neat
gift for someone special!


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Gifts From Your Kitchen


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